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  • Funk Puncs

    Back in 2010 I was introduced to this amazing musician  He along with his band gave me reassurance that music still lives. I am still waiting to hear something from him that lets me know he is human lol. I had the privilege to shoot a concert he did in Huntsville, AL. So I decided to upload a few of my favorite pics and a video from his youtube page. Be sure to follow him and support good music. You can find his music on Itunes.






  • Play On

    On a photowalk I was able to photograph a Bluegrass band. While they were practicing I was able to get of couple of shots. This is my favorite one. While I never really listened to Bluegrass music I instantly fell in love. Guess its the country boy in me, I have to add some of this music to my collection.

  • It was all a Dream...

    This past Thursday and checked out the posts in a photography group I am in. And I had to pinch myself cause my eyes couldn't believe what I was looking at. You see every so often you come across an image that makes you stop time and just stay in that moment. And the image above by Photographer Julie Perez did just that. 

    Photographer's are dreamers and are said to have our heads in the clouds at times. As photographers we have to dream of our next shot and create it in our head.  And this photo captures that idea perfectly.  

    Oh did I mention that this is a self portrait or selfie as people are calling them now. For Julie organization was the key to dreaming up this image and the flawless execution. Check out her blog to see her inspiration and organization for this shot.

    "Oh, my life is changing everyday In every possible way And Oh my dreams it's never quiet as it seems Never quiet as it seems" - Cranberries
    This image is also for purchase on her website.
    Check out Julie's Website

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    Image used by permission

  • The Sound Guy

    Its been a minute since I posted something and its totally my fault. Sometimes I forget that I have a website lol. But I am gonna try and keep the website updated as much as possible. 

    Well this image is from this past weekend. I was asked to shoot some still and video for a singing group called 3AM (post of their stuff coming soon). Here in this pic we have Mr. Boone. He is the sound tech for the group. He is also the owner of Choirboy Productions (check him out on facebook) How many sound techs you know work in style like this?

    He is currently outffited by Harrells Fine Fashions.

  • A Push Of A Button

    A friend lost her father and I told her to let me know if there was anything I could help with.  She asked me if I could take photos at the funeral. This was not a request I am used to but I said yes. Waiting for the funeral to start my nerves started getting to me, my palms started to sweat. I am sitting there thinking what am I gonna shoot. I can’t shoot this like an event or wedding. Walking all in front of the sanctuary is just not an option at this point. Now doubt has set in cause I have no idea what I going to do.


    Well the funeral starts and I just begin shooting. After a few shots things start getting a little easier but in the back of my mind I am still thinking about why am I here.  Well I believe it was he uncle that was up talking and he said that one thing about my brother he always had a camera. That right there made me realize why she asked me to take pictures. Her father loved to capture memories of family. And even though this was suppose to be a sad occasion. At times the family had smiles on their faces, they laughed at the memories, they sang with joy the songs that her father loved.


    After the funeral the family asked me to take some portraits. Seeing the smiles of the family after the funeral warmed my heart. They truly loved their Father, Brother, Uncle, Cousin…


    Photography is more then just pushing a button. Its catching that moment in time that lives on forever.

  • Smile

    Here is a video I did for an artist. His name is Rokeem Pough, better known as Rok. This song is from his album "Born to SIng". I had a wonderful time doing this project I look forward to doing more.  Check out his music on Itunes and CDBaby. Let me know what you think.

    The video is also featured on the website as the featured video of the week.